cropped-migrowerslogo.pngMichigan Growers’ Association is a non-profit organization dedicate to professional growing in the state of Michigan.organnbliss


The purpose of the association is to provide forum for people involved in growing in the state of Michigan so they may network with one another and share best practices.


  1. Cultivation of acquaintanceship among people and companies involved in the Michigan Horticultural industry.
  1. Promotion of the wider and greater use of nursery and floral products produced in Michigan.
  1. Advancement of ethical trade practices among members and the public.
  1. Cooperation with allied interests.
  1. Gather and disseminate information of value to members.
  1. Encourage and cooperate on the exhibits and products grown or used by the industry.
  1. Cooperate with governmental and horticultural agencies in Michigan.

Award Winning

Winning another award!
Brian Ankner Winning cup after cup!

Growers’ Association members

Green Fever meetings:

The Growers’ Association

sponsors monthly

meetings called “Green

Fever” to bring members

together for networking

and educational programs.



Most are held at the MidMichigan Innovation Center in Midland.But occasionally the “Green Fever” meetings aremoved to destinations
around the state of Michigan to coincide with trade shows and events
related to farming and growing plants.
We include award winning growers that are willing to share their expertise.
They are passionate about growing healthy plants and helping people.


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If you need instant help from a professional grower.  You have to fix the problem fast, otherwise you could  risk losing all the harvest.
We have probably saved thousand dollar crops by helping our grower learn what was going on and fixed it. We want to help you make the best of your harvest and supporting our group just helps us help you. So thank you

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